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Everything You Need To Winterize Your Pool

Plugs • Cables • Tubes and Pillows • Clips • Cover Pumps

Winterizing Chemicals and Everything You Need To Close Your Pool The Right Way!

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Looking for instructions to close your own ABOVE GROUND pool? Maybe we can help!

  • Make sure all chemicals in the pool are properly balanced. If the water is cloudy or green, it is important to get the pool clear before closing. The way you close the pool will most likely be the way you open up the pool!
  • Use WinterGard Winterizing chemical kit to condition and keep the water clean.
  • Add liquid or powdered shock to the water according to the pool size. (If you use powder shock, make sure it is thoroughly diluted or it will stain your liner over the winter months)
  • You must protect your pool from freeze damage by properly closing and plugging inlets and outlets.
  • Drain all water from the hoses, filtering equipment, and automatic chemical feeders.
  • Disconnect all filter hoses.
  • If you are NOT using a winter plate to cover the skimmer, the water level must be dropped below the skimmer to prevent water from remaining inside the skimmer and freezing. Also, plug the return using a stopper or a return plug.
  • If you ARE using a winter plate to cover the skimmer, you do not need to lower the water level, you can put the plate over the skimmer and disconnect the hose. To prevent any water from storing in the skimmer, do not plug the skimmer, the water must be able to drain out to avoid freezing.
  • Inflate the winter pillow three-quarters of the way (to avoid popping under pressure). Use margarine or Vaseline to close the pillow cap and cover with duct tape to avoid air leaks.
  • It is very important to store your filter, pump, and other pool accessories in a dry place to avoid freezing and cracking from water collection.
  • Now, you can put the winter cover over the pool (leave a little slack on the cover, do not pull tightly).
  • Place a cover pump on top of the cover to remove any water that accumulates over the winter.