Aquasport 52, On Ground Pools, Semi In Ground Pools, Fully Buried Aquasport 52 In Ground Pools

No doubt the Aquasport 52 is the Best On Ground,  Semi-Inground, Fully In Ground Pool. There is no stronger swimming pool. Its strength comes from the extra thick aluminum slats,that go into the construction of the Aquasport 52 wall. You could completely bury this pool if you want to. Perfect to bury in sloping yards, or for any landscaping plan.

The Aquasport 52 is an all aluminum pool, except for a few components like
the resin caps. The aluminum top rails are manufactured with a bead channel
built right in. Making this pool like an inground pool, you don’t have to
disassemble any part of this pool to replace the liner.

The AquaSport can be installed Above Ground, Semi In Ground or Fully In-Ground.
It is equipped with a 30 Year Warranty and customer service policy on the pool wall and frame.

The Extruded Aluminum Wall Construction has self interlocking wall panels for unparalleled structure and strength.